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Low-Intensity Exercise Ideas to Keep You Active This Winter

Senior Woman Yoga

A balanced diet and exercise are two main staples of maintaining our health. While both are important, exercise is what will keep you moving. When you regularly participate in physical activity, your muscles and bones, as well as the other systems in your body, stay flexible and strong.WellAge Senior Living has communities throughout Colorado, Oklahoma, and Nevada, and we know that staying active provides physical health benefits and promotes mental wellness. Through our care and the environments we create, we support each resident and guest and help them lead active lifestyles.

Maintaining a regular exercise routine can be more challenging through the winter months, especially if the activities you enjoy take place outdoors. While the snow and colder temperatures make us feel like hibernating, it’s important that we stay active year-round by finding new and creative ways to keep moving.

To help you maintain your fitness routine and provide you with a little motivation, the WellAge Senior Living team is sharing some easy, low-intensity winter exercise ideas!

Walk, Walk, Walk

If part of your exercise routine involves taking a walk outside, find a place to comfortably walk indoors. Winter weather can cause hazardous conditions like ice and slush, so finding a safe place to keep up your routine will allow you to stay physically active even when the weather has other plans.

For example, many shopping malls open before the stores inside do providing a safe environment for individuals to go for a morning walk without the shopping crowds. If you live in an apartment complex or senior living community, make the indoor hallways your personal walking course.

Additionally, some fitness centers have an indoor track for members to use. If there is one in your area, consider joining for the season and taking advantage of their indoor track or treadmills.

Cleaning is Good for the Mind & Body

It may not seem like much, but maintaining a home can be a lot of physical work. When it is too cold outside, get your exercise in by doing routine household chores like vacuuming or mopping, dishes, etc. In addition to maintaining your mobility and physical fitness, your house will be clean and organized.

“In 2011, Princeton University researchers found that people have difficulty focusing in cluttered environments and struggle to complete specific tasks. So not only will you get the benefit of a clean, fresh home…, it will make you more productive and able to focus in your daily life (”

Practice Yoga or Tai Chi

Yoga and tai chi can provide numerous mental and physical health benefits to those who practice regularly. The great thing is that they can be as high-intensity or low-intensity as needed depending on the level of ability. Beyond skill set, yoga and tai chi exercises can be practiced just about anywhere, making them ideal winter exercise ideas. All you need is enough space to move around safely.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced in yoga or tai chi, there are classes or practicing options for you. Find a class that is representative of your ability and skill levels, or look up videos online!

Participate in Community Activities

If you reside in a senior living community, take advantage of all the activities and events offered on campus. Most communities host a range of activities that promote physical, mental and social wellness and ensure all interests and skill levels are met. Integrative wellness within many WellAge communities include art classes, guided meditation, and aromatherapy.VIEW OUR WELLAGE COMMUNITIES

At WellAge Senior Living throughout Colorado, Oklahoma, and Nevada, we are committed to promoting the health and wellness of those in our communities, as well as their families. We believe senior living communities offer one of the safest places to live and stay physically active and engaged. We continue to follow all the CDC recommendations and guidelines pertaining to the current global pandemic. While activities are still being held within our communities, social distancing guidelines and sanitizing protocols are strictly enforced.

For more information on our communities and services or how senior living could benefit you or someone in your life, we invite you to contact a member of our team today!