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Colorado: A Great Place to Live and Retire

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As we reach our ideal retirement age, many people start to evaluate their retirement plans. Now that you won’t be tied down to a specific location due to children or jobs, where do you even begin to look? Have you ever thought about where you would like to retire?

Retirement and senior living communities in Colorado are a great place to start your search. Colorado has a lot to offer retirees and has been ranked second on WalletHub’s list of best states to retire!

One common concern an individual may have when choosing a place to spend their retirement years is whether their peers will be living among them. Among the many reasons Colorado is a great place to retire, there are already many retirees living there. This means that newly retired individuals will not have a hard time finding others with similar passions, experiences, and goals.

So, what makes Colorado a great place to live and retire? WellAge Senior Living has put together a list of why retirees are drawn to this beautiful state!

Lead an Active Lifestyle

Retirement is about exploring and experiencing all that life has to offer. You now have the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Whether you seek adventure or want to simply observe a beautiful landscape, Colorado is the place to be.

Known for its hiking, skiing, fishing, and breathtaking scenery, Colorado has something to offer everyone. The outdoor recreational opportunities in the state are endless. Famous ski towns, like Aspen and Vail, four national parks, including Rocky Mountain National Park, and some of the country’s best state parks make Colorado a great place for retirees to explore year-round.

Experience All Four Seasons

Speaking of year-round outdoor recreation, another perk to retiring in Colorado is that you have the opportunity to experience all four seasons. Each season brings with it a chance to experience something new. While many popular retirement destinations often only feature one season, Colorado allows individuals to experience the beauty each season offers. Feel the freshness and new energy of spring, hike through the mountains in the summer, bask in awe at the colors of the autumn leaves, and enjoy the fresh powder snow in the winter months. This is all possible when you retire in Colorado.

The Best of Both Worlds

Whether you enjoy the bustling city life or prefer the laid-back lifestyle that rural living provides, Colorado is an excellent choice. Choosing to retire in Colorado is choosing the kind of retirement you want to create. If you decide to live in a rural area, you still have easy access to big-city amenities.

On the other hand, if you opt for city living, you can escape to the countryside and immerse yourself in nature. Wherever you decide to spend most of your time, you are still able to take advantage of both lifestyles.

Spanning around the culture-rich city of Denver, WellAge Senior Living’s locations offer premier amenities and an inviting staff dedicated to each person’s wellness and enriching daily living choices. We are proud to offer beautiful retirement and senior living communities throughout Colorado.


Enjoy Low Retirement Income Taxes

In many states, it is common for retirement income to be taxed in the same or similar way as earned income. Retirement income taxes in Colorado, however, work differently. Colorado boasts one of the highest senior citizen tax deductions.

Smart Asset’s quick guide to Colorado retirement income taxes states:

  • Colorado is tax-friendly toward retirees
  • Social Security income is partially taxed
  • Withdrawals from retirement accounts are partially taxed.
  • Wages are taxed at normal rates, and your marginal state tax rate is 4.63%
  • Public and private pension income are partially taxed

Exceptional Care Options

The state of Colorado is a highly sought-after retirement destination for the active, healthy lifestyle it promotes. “Colorado has over 100 hospitals, several of which are nationally ranked, and nine meet standards for strong performance (” Retirement and senior living communities in Colorado are also designed around the activities and amenities that retirees desire, and the levels of care needed to foster an independent lifestyle.

WellAge Senior Living communities provide their own set of amenities. For more information on our Colorado communities, contact a member of our WellAge Senior Living team!