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4 Reasons to Make The Senior Living Decision Sooner Than Later

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The idea of moving can be daunting. Some adults are insistent that they are too independent and active to move to a senior living community; for others, the idea of senior living isn’t even on their radar.  

We all want to remain independent for as long as possible. Many people will wait to consider senior living until it’s “absolutely necessary” or avoid it altogether. However, the problem is that “absolutely necessary” usually means that a crisis or emergency has propelled the decision. 

Instead of waiting for a crisis, WellAge Senior Living encourages you to consider making the senior living decision sooner than later - allowing you to fully enjoy everything senior living has to offer. Our retirement communities in Colorado, Nevada, and Oklahoma are full of active and independent adults who continue doing the things they love and enjoy—all in environments that delight and excite. 

Find out why you shouldn’t wait any longer and consider moving to a WellAge retirement community today!

1. A Thriving Social Life 

Making friends is difficult at any age, even if you are active and outgoing. Over time, people move, retire, or get comfortable with their routines. There are fewer opportunities for older adults to make friends and build relationships. However, having a large social network is more important to older adults than you may realize. Research has shown time and time again that social interaction is vital to physical health, emotional wellness, and cognitive function.  

Even if you consider yourself healthy and independent, you may still long for those close relationships you had earlier in life or simply someone to share your evening walks with. This is where senior living can help! 

Retirement communities like WellAge are full of active, sociable, and self-sufficient individuals seeking the same thing. These communities are designed to make building relationships and enjoying activities with new friends easy. In WellAge independent living communities, residents can choose how they want to spend their days—whether it’s attending a community-hosted event or activity to meet people, going out to eat with neighbors, or taking a long weekend with new friends.

2. The Ease of Community Living 

Many adults believe that if they’re still mobile and in good health, there is no reason to move out of their homes and into a community. However, over time, household chores and home maintenance can become tiring, expensive, and downright dull. Why would you want to spend a cold Colorado morning shoveling snow when you could be inside with a cup of tea and a book?

Senior living communities handle this type of maintenance for you! Housekeeping, laundry, landscaping, and even cooking (if you choose) is all done by community staff to ensure that you have more time to do the things you enjoy. 

In addition to maintenance, retirement communities provide countless amenities that make life convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable. Amenities may vary based on community, but at many WellAge Senior Living communities, you can expect: 

  • -Transportation Services 
  • -Reserved Parking
  • -Fitness Center 
  • -Movie Theater 
  • -On-Site Salon 
  • -Private Apartments with or without Kitchens 
  • -Computer Lab 
  • -Security System 

All these services and amenities are designed to make life easy and convenient, allowing individuals and guests the chance to genuinely enjoy and take full advantage of their independence. 

3. Assistance is Available  

You may be putting off the move to senior living because you are doing fine on your own. But, what happens if your needs change and you’re still living on your own? By moving into senior living when you’re healthy, active, and mobile, you can proactively set yourself up for success should your health needs change. 

At WellAge Senior Living, we offer independent living, assisted living, and memory care services in our communities. Even if you don’t need that support just yet, or don’t end up needing it at all, you can still have peace of mind knowing that additional levels of care are available.

4. Nutritious Dining Options 

Health and nutrition are extremely important for older adults. However, many adults living independently probably aren’t preparing restaurant-style meals for themselves every day. They may stick to a few go-to recipes, frozen meals, or quick grab-and-go options.

At WellAge Senior Living, dining is an entirely different experience than what you might be used to at home. We prepare healthy, balanced meals daily in a restaurant-style setting. In addition, many of our floor plans include kitchens, allowing residents to prepare their own meals in the comfort of their apartment.

Why Wait? 

Deciding to move to senior living is a significant decision. Many people put it off because they believe that senior living communities will suppress their independence or make them feel incapable or reliant. However, our WellAge retirement communities are made to do just the opposite! 

Between the opportunities for socialization, features and amenities, services, and more, senior living communities are designed to enhance your independence, allowing you to create the lifestyle that you choose. 

WellAge Senior Living has retirement communities throughout Colorado, Nevada, and Oklahoma. Our independent living services will help you design your days and achieve the retirement lifestyle you want! 

To learn more about independent living or our other lifestyle options at WellAge Senior Living, we invite you to contact our team today. We look forward to hearing from you!