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Defining the "New Normal" for Senior Living in Colorado

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As humans, we have adapted to new circumstances and situations time and time again, advancing as our needs have changed. The global COVID-19 pandemic is another circumstance that we are currently reacclimating our lives around. With so many unknowns, individuals, families, and businesses continue to adjust to a feeling of normalcy; however, it may be time to define a new normal.

“Social distancing” is a term that is now common in our vocabulary and will likely be practiced in everyday life for the foreseeable future. Even as society reopens to the public, it will not be the same as before the pandemic. New safety measures and precautions are in place to limit exposure and protect individuals who venture out of their homes.

By accepting these changes and defining our new normal, we will be able to stay positive and healthy, and move on from the uncertainties caused by COVID-19. At WellAge Senior Living, with communities throughout Colorado, we have added measures and procedures to keep individuals and their families safe. These new policies are now a part of our communities and are carving the path in the development of our new normal.

Increasing the Use of Telehealth

We have all experienced or heard of someone going into a doctor’s office for one purpose, only to leave and develop another issue entirely. Even though this scenario makes sense, it does not make visiting the doctor sound appealing. This is even more applicable in current times due to the impact and nature of COVID-19.

Receiving care from a physician or doctor is essential, but thanks to developing compliance and technology, visiting his or her office is not! The use of telehealth has become a new practice in the medical industry. Individuals can conduct their appointments and receive care from the comfort of their homes via telecommunication technology.

Read our blog, “WellAge Senior Living is Leading the Way with the Use of Telehealth,” for more information on telehealth and the benefits it provides.

Taking Social Distancing Seriously

The future of large, public gatherings is still unknown (concerts, venues, etc.), but limiting the number of guests in smaller settings will likely be encouraged into the impending future.

Every state, city, organization, and business has its own set of policies in place. Whether it’s limited seating at a restaurant, hand sanitizing stations, or mandating masks while in a store, these precautions are set in place to transition us back to a normal routine in a safe way. According to a study done by researchers at the University of Minnesota, “During new "waves" of cases, areas may need to periodically reinstate and relax mitigation measures, such as social distancing, to prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed with cases (”

WellAge Senior Living communities throughout Colorado are adhering to the CDC recommendation of “…every retirement community and independent living facility [having] a plan in place to protect residents, workers, volunteers, and visitors from the spread of COVID-19 (“ Being patient and mindful of these precautions when in a public or private setting can promote health and move us closer to a time when these actions are no longer necessary.

Finding New Ways to Connect

Socialization and connecting with others are an essential part of our overall health and wellness. Social distancing and times of quarantine have made spending time in person challenging or simply not possible.

We need to adapt the way we spend quality time with those we care about; fortunately, today’s technology offers great tools for making connecting easier. Programs like FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom allow us to connect with friends, family, and co-workers virtually. These types of programs have also been implemented into the senior living industry to connect residents with the families, offer virtual tours of communities, and check-in with healthcare providers.

What Our New Normal Looks Like

When you step outside your door, the world is a different place than it was not that long ago. People walking down the sidewalk are wearing masks; when you enter certain buildings, your temperature is taken, and hand sanitizing stations are positioned more frequently in public areas. When you enter a grocery store, shopping carts are either labeled “sanitized” or “not sanitized.” Employees at checkout stations are wiping down the register and counter after every transaction.

While efforts are being made to keep public places safe, clean, and sanitized, it is clear that we all need to work together to accomplish these goals. Instead of resisting the reality, we need to accept it and help one another through this adjustment and transition into our new normal. VIEW OUR WELLAGE COMMUNITIES

Our senior living communities in Colorado have implemented new procedures designed to keep the individuals we care for, their families, and our team members safe. We work hard to provide compassionate, personalized care, and enrich the lives of those we serve. For more information on how we achieve this, our services, or our communities, we encourage you to contact a member of our WellAge Senior Living team.