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Meet an Emerald Square Resident Couple: Harry and Betty Wales

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Emerald Square Senior Living residents Harry and Betty Wales recently spoke with us about their long, happy marriage and all the ways that their love has been strengthened by a solid relationship with God. Read on to learn more about Harry and Betty, and their lives at Emerald Square.

When Harry Met Betty

The two first met when Harry joined a friend who was attending a service at Betty's family church. He was so enamored of Betty, that he decided to break up with the girl that he was dating at the time. For her part, Betty said when she met Harry, “It was like love at first sight. I never wanted to date anybody after that!”

The couple’s first official date consisted of Harry taking Betty to a drive-in restaurant after church. The way they got engaged was similar, said Harry: “I picked up Betty from church, took her out to eat with friends, and then proposed to her.”

Life in the Church

Initially, the couple planned to elope, but Betty’s aunt took it upon herself to arrange a church wedding, which 300 people attended.

Since Harry was a pastor, the couple enjoyed most of their married lives ministering, and traveling from state to state visiting up to 10 different churches within their denomination. It was this mutual devotion to God and Christian faith, that shaped the course of their marriage.

According to Harry, the couple’s secret to being married for so many decades, is that they both gave themselves to God and to each other. “The vow ‘til death do us part’ is our goal every day,” he said. “We also have good communication, and we’re very considerate of one another.”

Happily Ever After...

In a nutshell, the couple said, their secret to a life lived well means having been able to come together and enact certain positive life changes.

One of these was moving to Emerald Square, they said. Essentially, they started over in a bustling community with fun activities and events, frequent opportunities to socialize, convenient apartment living, and a maintenance-free lifestyle. Their favorite things to do at Emerald Square include attending church services and devotionals, exercise classes, playing bingo, and spending time with friends.

The couple also credits the following for their happy life together: their commitment to staying active over the years, the ability to adapt, and always dedicating a part of their lives in service to God.

Thank you to Harry and Betty for sharing your story with us! Emerald Square is lucky to have you as part of our community!